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The main programs and activities undertaken by MPVS since its inception are Technology Upgradation.

  • Development, production and installation of completely clay based Smokeless Chulha for urban slums and rural areas in Madhya Pradesh.

  • Development, Production and installation of clay based cheap water filter for safe drinking water among the tribes of Bastar in M.P

  • Adoption of Rural Vegetable Tanning process in local environment in the state and set up a rural tanning centre in Bastar (M.P.)

  • Setting up a carcass utilization centre at Bastar.

  • Setting up an improved Pottery centre in Bastar at Pandripani village.

  • Established a Bamboo Art and training centre for Bamboo artisans with an advanced bamboo nursery at Jamakhodar (Ghoda Dongri) Betul (M.P.)

  • Establishment of training cum production centre for Bamboo workers at village Baghmara dist. Durg.

  • Socio economic involvement of tribal farmers through transfer of agriculture technology in Jamkhodar Panchayat dist. Betul.

  • Establishment of a training cum production centre of Sisal fibre processing in Bilaspur district.

  • Introduction of water and soil conservation methods in Bilaspur district.

  • Installation of smokeless Chulhas in Pendra Block of Bilaspur district.

  • Improvement in Bhilawa (Semicarpus anacardium) oil extraction process with special emphasis on prevention of occupational hazards at Prabhat Pattan, Betul district of M.P.

  • Integrated development plan for Primitive Tribes Bharia Patalkot district Chhindwara .

  • Development of Sanitary practices in Balod block district Durg.

  • Establishment of a centre for development of blacksmiths through technology upgradation and product diversification and training in tribal area of Bastar.

  • Establishment of a demonstration cum training centre for food processing and preservation in Ambah block of Morena district.

  • Scientific approach to collection and processing of honey from Rock Bee in Tamia Distt. of Chhindwara

  • An approach to preserve some rare medicinal plants in Tamia, Patalkot Distt. Chhindwara.

  • Establishment of a seed production centre for carp breeding in Durg (C.G)

  • Department of Science and Technology (Govt. of India), New Delhi is supporting TECHNOLOGY CORE GROUP for the extension of technology and carrying out research.


Technology Dissemination Process

Selection of NGOs / Entrepreneurs /SHGs


Resource Mapping

SWOT Analysis

Selection of Technologies

Project Formation

Technology Training to NGOs

Linkages to S&T institutions

Establishment of Centre

Trial Production

Trial Marketing

Full Scale Production & Marketing


Technologies Promoted by TRC

Roof top rain water harvesting using Ferro Cement Tanks

Nursery Raising including green House Techniques

Vermi Culture and Composting

Ferro Cement Roofings

Processing and preservation of fruit and vegetables

Red clay pottery technology

Organic leather tanning, carcass, utilisation,production and marketing of leather goods

Cultivation, sustainable harvesting and semiprocessing of medicinal and aromatic plants

Mushroom farming, preservation andmarketing

Soil and water testing

Dissemination of models of improved Chulha


Dissemination of Technologies

Training of NGOs

Training of Beneficiaries

Collaboration with Govt. departments

Certification of skills from IGNOU

Conduction of courses





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